1. X-DREAM "REMIXED" 2XCD LTD digipack Flying Rhino 2017

  2. Mass Hypnosis III V/A compilation

  3. V/A Boshke! Vol.1

  4. "CHRONIKA chapter IV"
    Various Artists compilation, compiled by Alex Tolstey

  5. Fuzzion "Frog On The Run EP" feat. Extrawelt remix BBS012 12" vinyl single

  6. "13" EP LTD 12" (BBS013)

  7. Jurek Przezdziecki "Sink Master" EP 12" vinyl ( BBS015)

  8. Midimiliz "Passages" CD album (BBCD002)

  9. X-Dream "March" EP

  10. Adam Jay "Blind Influence" EP

  11. Fuzzion "Free Tibet EP" 12" LTD edition (BBS016)

  12. Jurek Przezdziecki "Hard To Spell EP"

  13. Fuzzion "No Illusions" pt. 2

  14. Chronika chapter III compiled by Alex Tolstey

  15. Fuzzion "Black Magic" (BBCD006)

  16. Cybered "Acid Box" CD Horns & Hoofs Entertainment

  17. Fuzzion "No Illusions" pt.1

  18. Midimiliz "Passage One" BBS005 12" vinyl single

  19. Midimiliz "Passage Three" BBS007 12" vinyl single

  20. Midimiliz "Passage Two" BBS006 12" vinyl single

  21. Fuzzion " The Remixes"
    Fuzzion, Extrawelt

  22. The Rockitmen "Ego Tripping" Remixes BBDG013
    The Rockitmen

  23. Jurek Przezdziecki "Thirty Hurry" digital single (BBDG006)

  24. Midimiliz "No Alibi" EP (BBS010) 12" Vinyl

  25. Triple Distilled "Trespasser EP" (BBDG009)

  26. Chronika chapter II
    V/A compiled by Alex Tolstey

  27. Midimiliz "The Remixes" Green (digital single BBDG004)

  28. Midimiliz "The Remixes" Yellow (digital single BBDG005)

  29. Midimiliz "The Remixes" Orange (digital single BBDG003)

  30. Midimiliz "The Remixes" Black

  31. V/A Clangour, compiled by Alex Tolstey, BBCD003

  32. Midimiliz "The Remixes" Limited Edition CD Single (BBCDs001)

  33. Fuzzion/Metalogic "Clangour EP" BBS008 12" vinyl single

  34. Chronika chapter 1V/A, compiled by Alex Tolstey (BBCD001)

  35. The Delta "Hero FX" EP BBS004 12" vinyl single

  36. Abracadabra V/A CD Horns & Hoofs compiled by Alex Tolstey

  37. Midimiliz -Paul Brtschitsch and Ozy Remixes, BBS009 12" vinyl single

  38. Paste "Noerg/Progress" BBS001 12" heavy vinyl single

  39. Item: Horns & Hoofs Entertainment Complete 8 X CD discography, SPECIAL OFFER PACKAGE
    Bigwigs, Fuzzion, Kino Oko, Alex Tolstey, Epi Centrum, Alic, Neoris

  40. Metalogic "Magnetic Influence" BBCD005 CD album

  41. Midimiliz "Non Standards" CD ,Gravity Plus

  42. THE DELTA "Send In Send Back" T Shirt Official
    The Delta

  43. Kino Oko " Lost Entertainment" Horns & Hoofs/ Compact Disc
    Kino Oko

  44. Bigwigs "The National Heroes Of Sonic Parallel" album

  45. V/A "Unconventional" compiled by Alic

  46. V/A "IDEA FX" compiled by Epi Centrum aka Jurek Przezdziecki
    V/A "IDEA FX" compiled by Epi Centrum aka Jurek Przezdziecki

  47. V/A "Eleventure"compiled by FUZZION-Horns and Hoofs- Compact Disc

  48. V/A "The Dissidents" compiled by Neoris

  49. V/A "Fundamental" Horns & Hoofs 2002, Compact Disc
    V/A Fundamental by Horns & Hoofs Entertainment


Boshke Beats Records Benicàssim, Spain

Boshke Beats Records- cinematic offshore dirty house meets lysergic techno.Established at a melting point of electornic dance music styles as techno, psychedelic house, broken techno and other undifined indie directions. With core members such Midimiliz aka Extrawelt ( first release seen the light in 2001), X-Dream,Jurek Przezdziecki, The Delta, Fuzzion, The Rockitmen, Metalogic and others. ... more

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